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AskRach Ep 30

#AskRachelOng Episode 30

Rachel explains how being a relational leader—caring about your workers even more than the work—builds a culture of trust in the workplace. 


Giving and Receiving Feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is a gift, but for many, not a very enjoyable one. Angel, Roy, and Fran from ROHEI's Guest Experience team share some great tips to help out the feedback-phobic.


Relatable Leader

How Does a Leader Become Relatable?

Our Relationship Coach Chris Hogan shares how he coached a highly successful, emotionally challenged businessman into showing up meaningfully for a very frustrated advisor in his team.


AskRach Ep 24

#AskRachelOng Episode 24

What skills do we need to keep up with the times? Develop learning agility and instead of trying to catch up with the times, you become part of shaping the future.


AskRach Ep 11

Leadership Pitfalls

Why do leaders fail? Rachel shares 6 character flaws to look out for and how to stay on track.

AskRach Ep 20

Successful Conversations

Our Principal Consultant for Executive Coaching Christopher Scott Hogan joins Rachel Ong to talk about the two agreements that make difficult conversations successful. Learn to direct a tough conversation towards a solution, rather than an easy way out.


AskRach Ep 21

Recognising Reality

The first job of a leader is to recognise reality. Failing to do this can cost you your organisation's success. Our Relational Coach Chris Hogan shares why.


AskRach Ep 12

Millennials at the Workplace

A conversation between 3 generations - Rachel speaks with our trainer Sherman and our intern Celine on their thoughts on what brings out the best in each generation


AskRach Ep 5

Building a Culture of Feedback

Do you dread giving and receiving feedback? In this episode, Rachel shares why feedback is a gift and how you can create a healthy culture of giving and receiving feedback at work.


AskRach Ep 1

Motivating Your Team

Motivating your team goes beyond rolling out initiatives. We believe a wise and sustainable way is through building relationships.